The Child–Parent Caregiving Relationship in Later Life

Psychosocial Experiences

This book highlights how the social experience of caring for, and relating to, a parent in later life has a significant impact on the adult child.

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This book presents a poignant and sensitive account of the challenges faced by adult children when making difficult decisions about care for and with their ageing parents in later life.

It offers new insights into the practical, emotional and physical effects that witnessing the ageing and death of parents has on those in late midlife and how these relationships are negotiated during this phase of the life course.

The author uses a psychosocial approach to understand the complexity of the experience of having a parent transition to care and the ambiguous feelings that these decisions evoke.

Bethany Morgan Brett is currently working as a child and adolescent psychodynamic psychotherapist and freelance academic. She has previously held lecturing positions in the Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies at the University of Essex and the Department of Psychosocial Studies at the University of East London.

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