Eleven: Working conditions, health and well-being among the scavenger community


This chapter examines the working conditions, health, and well-being among the scavenger community, drawing on the findings from qualitative research, using a mix of participant observation and in-depth interviews conducted in Ladwa, Haryana, Northern India. Through these methods, the study exposes the realities of mental stress that members of scavenger community are experiencing. These stress factors include low wages, irregular salaries, debt, fear of job loss, low status in society, shame attached to work, occupational related diseases, injuries, unpleasant work environment, and caste-based discrimination during work. Perhaps unsurprisingly, exposure to these factors results in high levels of poor health among scavengers. This is an incredibly important study that looks at a highly marginalised group in India, which faces a unique set of challenges in work and in society.

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