Protest Camps in International Context
Spaces, infrastructures and media of resistance

Fourteen: Euromaidan and the echoes of the Orange Revolution: comparing social infrastructures and resistance practices of protest camps in Kiev (Ukraine)

The present chapter discusses the cases of two protest camps at Maidan in Kiev in 2004 and 2013/2014. It aims to explain the resemblances and differences across the cases and focuses on such issues as resistance practices used by the protesters, resource mobilization strategies and emerging approaches to the camp’s governance and representation in decision making processes. The conceptual triad for space production and infrastructural approach is applied to examine protest camps as a unique organizational form of social movements. Linking together the (re)production of the space, newly adjusted spatial practices and space representation, this chapter argues that detected particular characteristics of Maidan-Sich 2014 can be interpreted as the marks of empowerment of the recently emerged civil society and make of it an important object of study for those who want to grasp the essence of the recent changes of political and social order in Ukraine.

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