Ethics, Equity and Community Development

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Drawing on theory and a range of cross-disciplinary and international perspectives, this book examines the place of ethics and ethical practice in community and development across a global spectrum of political, ecological and economic contexts.

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This book offers a unique focus on the everyday ethics of community development practice in the context of local and global struggles for equity and social justice.

Contributors from around the world (from India to the Netherlands and USA) grapple with ethical dilemmas and tensions, including how to: respect and learn from Indigenous values and philosophies; challenge environmental destruction; gain consent in divided communities; maintain or breach professional boundaries; and develop new paradigms for transformative community organising, sustainable development and ethically-sensitive practice.

Offering theoretical frameworks, philosophical perspectives and practical case examples (from sex worker collectives to tree action groups and Australian Indigenous communities) this book is essential reading for community-based practitioners, students and academics.

Sarah Banks is Co-Director for the Centre for Social Justice and Community Action and a Professor in the School of Applied Social Sciences at Durham University.

Peter Westoby is a Senior Lecturer in Community Development at the University of Queensland and a Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Development Support at the University of Free State, South Africa.

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