Global Perspectives on Youth Arts Programs

How and Why the Arts Can Make a Difference


What do the best youth arts programs look like, and how can young people develop through them? This groundbreaking book highlights the conditions needed for youth arts work to be successful, using six international, best practice case studies.

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How do young people develop through youth arts programs and how can these programs reflect and extend young people’s personal interests? How can youth arts support participatory democracy and social change?

Frances Howard puts forward a powerful case for the value of youth arts programs, whilst acknowledging and interrogating the complexities involved, including unequal access to provision and the class-based harm that can be inadvertently practiced within them.

Drawing on the author’s own practice experience, alongside a range of international case studies showing best practice, this grounded and accessible text will be welcome reading to academics, students and practitioners across Education, Youth and Community courses.

Frances Howard is Senior Lecturer in Youth Studies in the Department of Social Work, Care and Community at Nottingham Trent University. Her research interests include youth work, arts programs, music-making and wellbeing. Frances is Co-Convenor of the BERA Youth Studies and Informal Education SIG group and is active in practice, as a volunteer for Nottingham Community Artists’ Network.

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