Social Work Research Using Arts-Based Methods

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In the first dedicated analysis of its kind, international experts review the rationale and results of arts-based approaches to research, teaching, and practice in social work. The book presents examples of their use and methods to evaluate and theorise results and shows how arts can form outputs from research too.

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This book explores the rationale, methodologies, and results of arts-based approaches in social work research today.

It is the first dedicated analysis of its kind, providing practical examples of when to choose arts-based research, how the arts are used by social work researchers and integrated with additional methods, and ways to evaluate its efficacy. The multiple examples of arts-based research in social work in this book reveal how arts methods are inherently connected to the resilience and creativity of research participants, social workers, and social work researchers.

With international contributions from experts in their fields, this is a welcome overview of the arts in social work for anyone connected to the field.

Ephrat Huss is an art therapist and Senior Professor of Social Work at Ben Gurion University.

Eltje Bos is Professor of Cultural and Social Dynamics at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

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