Support and Protection Across the Lifecourse

A Practical Approach for Social Workers

Drawing on the authors’ extensive experience as educators, this book puts forward a new model of social work practice that both supports and protects service users across the lifecourse.

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Crossing the traditional divide between social work with children and families and adults, this text applies a lifecourse perspective, within an ecological frame. Based on the principle that practice drives theory, a practical approach for social work is put forward using five interconnected themes:

• duality of support and protection

• life transitions and life events

• intergenerational relations

• civic partnership and engagement

• health and wellbeing

Designed for students and practitioners, this text takes an enquiry-based approach using Critical ART (analysis, reflection and thinking). The book features:

• case studies

• research examples

• tips for Critical ART in practice

• further reading and resources

Caroline McGregor is a Senior Research Fellow at the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre and Professor at the School of Political Science and Sociology at National University of Ireland Galway.

Pat Dolan is Director of the UNESCO Chair in Children, Youth and Civic Engagement and Director of the Institute for Lifecourse and Society at National University of Ireland Galway.

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