Defund the Police

An International Insurrection


This book examines the ‘defund the police’ movement from historical and contemporary perspectives. Against the backdrop of abolition and the failure of police reform, it uses international case studies to reimagine community safety beyond policing and incarceration.

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In western liberal democracies the police are viewed as guardians of public safety and enforcers of the law. How accurate is this? Given police violence and the failure of many attempts at reform, attention has turned to other models of managing criminality, including defunding the police and instead funding alternatives to criminalization and incarceration.

This book is the first comprehensive overview of police divestment, using international examples and case studies to reimagine community safety beyond policing and imprisonment.

Showcasing a range of practical examples, this topical book will be relevant for academics, policy makers, activists and all those interested in the Black Lives Matter movement, protest movements and the renewed interest in policing and abolitionism more generally.

Chris Cunneen is Professor of Criminology at Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research at the University of Technology Sydney and is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia.

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