Migration and Social Work

Approaches, Visions and Challenges

With cross-cultural perspectives from eight European countries, this book provides much-needed research on migration and social work. Focusing on the experiences and integration of refugees and asylum seekers, the text considers the impact of EU policies on borders and integration, and the rise of racism across European societies.

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With cross-cultural perspectives from contributors in nine countries, this book showcases much-needed research on current issues around migration and social work in Europe. Focusing on the reception, experiences and integration of refugees and asylum seekers, the chapters also consider the impact of recent EU policies on borders and integration.

With racism on the rise in some European societies, the book foregrounds international social work values as a common framework to face discriminatory practice at macro and micro-levels. Featuring recommendations for inclusive practice that ‘opens doors’, this book features the voices of migrants and the practitioners aiding their inclusion in new societies.

Emilio José Gómez-Ciriano is Associate Professor at Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha.

Elena Cabiati is Associate Professor at the Catholic University of Milan.

Sofia Dedotsi is Assistant Professor at the University of West Attica.

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