7: Growing old with stigma: a case study of four older Chinese gay/bisexual men living with HIV in Hong Kong

This chapter explores the lived experiences of older Chinese gay/bisexual men living with HIV in Hong Kong. Their stories cover their emerging sexuality during their earlier formative years and living with HIV in later life. Four major themes have emerged from this study, including ‘filiality’, ‘heterosexist harassment’, ‘hidden lives’ and ‘living with ageing’, which indicate how cultural values and sexuality affected their ageing experiences. Their narratives illustrate how their unseen stories can shed light on this intersectional area of sexuality, HIV and ageing. The chapter concludes that older Chinese gay/bisexual men with HIV remain mostly invisible and closeted, affected by the barriers caused by heterosexism, HIV stigma and ageism that inhibit the process of successful ageing both within and outside the gay community.

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