Islam in Prison

Finding Faith, Freedom and Fraternity

This overview of Islam and prison provides a thorough understanding of Muslim prisoners’ experiences in Britain and Europe. It explores issues including conversion to Islam, rehabilitation and the extent to which prisons foster extremism, and gives practitioners and policy-makers ideas for better engagement and achieving positive outcomes.

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Are you a prison officer who feels nervous about dealing with Muslims on the wings?

Are you a prison chaplain who wants to know how your chaplaincy affects the lives of prisoners?

Are you a policymaker who needs a robust base of evidence for Islam in prison?

Are you an academic or a journalist seeking ground-breaking social science in a contentious field?

Based on original evidence from 279 Muslim prisoners and 79 prison officers, we explore how Muslims come to be incarcerated, how the practice of Islam affects prison life and rehabilitation, the types of Islam and the effects of Islamic conversion in prison and the professional practice of officers and chaplains. We also investigate the common belief that incarceration fosters Islamist extremism and suggest improvements to faith provision and rehabilitative opportunities for Muslim prisoners.

Matthew Wilkinson is Professor of Religion in Public Life at Cardiff University.

Lamia Irfan is Applied Research Lead at technology and management consultancy Capco and former Research Fellow at SOAS University of London.

Muzammil Quraishi is Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Salford.

Mallory Schneuwly Purdie is Assistant Professor at the Swiss Centre for Islam and Society at the University of Fribourg.

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