Community Work

Theory into Practice

This highly accessible guide equips community work and related professionals and students to make the best use of theory in their work. Linking contemporary theory and practice, the book guides the reader through such diverse areas as young people, adult learning, health, social media and leadership in community work.

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Written by community workers from diverse contexts, this highly accessible guide equips practitioners and students working in a range of community settings to make the best use of theory in their work. The book focuses on the hope, excitement and possibilities that contemporary theory brings to practice and is essential reading for all those concerned with social justice, inclusion and equality.

Drawing on voices from across the world, influential thinking, both old and new, is applied to the practice that underpins work with individuals, groups and communities. The book will inform and enhance practice for a wide range of students and professionals working in community contexts such as community development, adult education, youth work, community health and social work.

Karen McArdle is Emeritus Professor at the University of Aberdeen and has worked in the community development field for over 30 years.

Sue Briggs has many years of local authority practice and management experience including with quality improvement approaches, professional learning and community learning and development.

Kirsty Forrester has worked extensively as a community learning and development worker and manager in local authority, third sector, social work and health settings.

Ed Garrett has worked in a number of community development roles for over 20 years, in both local authority and third sector settings.

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