Reimagining Academic Activism

Learning from Feminist Anti-Violence Activists


Based on deep ethnographic research, this book explores new practices and ideas about activism in the fight against social inequality. The book is both about feminist activists and is an act of feminist activism, with the author’s experiences as a volunteer ethnographer in New Zealand sitting at its heart.

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How can we reimagine the relationship between academia and activism to provide new opportunities for social change?

Based on an ethnography with an anti-violence feminist collective, this vibrant and vital book develops an interdisciplinary approach to activism and activist research, helping us reimagine the role of scholarship in the fight against social inequality.

With its reflections on novel tools that can be utilized in the fight for social justice, this book will be a valuable resource for academics in critical management studies, sociology, gender studies, and social work as well as practitioners and policymakers across the social services sector.

Ruth Weatherall is Lecturer in Not-for-Profit and Social Enterprise Management at the University of Technology Sydney. Her research uses feminist and queer perspectives and it is concerned with how social justice, particularly related to gender inequality, is achieved in and through not-for-profit organizations.

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