Critical Perspectives on Research with Children

Reflexivity, Methodology, and Researcher Identity

This book shows how reflexive debate enhances childhood research. Expert contributors explore researchers’ identities, roles, boundaries and ethical governance, and use empirical international examples from a range of child-related issues to challenge conventions and raise standards.

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This collection explores leading values and concepts in global child-based research through the lens of reflexivity.

The book considers issues such as the identities and roles of researchers, as well as the burdens, boundaries and ethical frameworks which govern their activities. Using empirical examples from Israel, India, Thailand and England, expert contributors discuss a range of topics to include online safeguards, disabilities, gang membership, child protection and various sex-related issues.

This book guides childhood research towards a more reflexive debate that critically challenges conventions, highlighting plurality of voice and improving outcomes.

Sarah Richards is Associate Professor and Head of the Suffolk Doctoral College at the University of Suffolk.

Sarah Coombs is Senior Lecturer in Childhood and Family Studies in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Suffolk.

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