Feminism and Protest Camps
Entanglements, Critiques and Re-Imaginings

13: Remembering an Eco/Feminist Peace Camp


This chapter asks (how) are feminist peace camps remembered? In a book premised on a lack of attention to feminist peace camps, this chapter explores why and how feminist peace camps enter, or fail to enter, feminist cultural memory. It treats ‘feminist amnesia’, the forgetting of certain moments and movements of feminism, as a social and political process, sometimes an intentional process, with profound consequences for feminism, and the world we inhabit. It takes an ecofeminist peace camp in Clayoquot Sound in the early 1990s as a site through which to intervene in mainstream narratives of feminism. The chapter recounts research in the mid-1990s, the publication of a book on the camp in the mid-2010s, and the subsequent creation of a digital archive of oral histories of activists in late 2010s. The chapter diffracts these moments through accounts of mainstream feminism and its forgetting and disavowal of eco/feminist peace camps, despite their critical importance as sites of a feminist prefigurative politics. Ultimately the chapter asks what contemporary feminism would look like if it was recast through a history of feminist peace camps.

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