Co-operation and Co-operatives in 21st-Century Europe

This volume offers an important vision of co-operation as an alternative to the neoliberal market, exploring the cooperative model’s potential for driving environmental and socio-economic transformation in the post-COVID world.

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This volume explores where, how and why the cooperative model is having a distinctive, transformational impact in driving socio-economic changes in a post-pandemic 21st century world.

Drawing from a diverse range of examples, the book sheds light on how today’s cooperatives and a co-operative way of organising might serve new societal demands. It examines organisational structures and governance models that develop socio-economic resilience in cooperatives. The book’s contributors reveal how the very pursuit of cooperative values and principles challenges market fundamentalism and promotes participatory democracy.

This is a timely contribution to recent debates around transformative economies and an invaluable resource for scholars and activists interested in alternative ways of organising.

Julian Manley is Professor of Social Innovation at the University of Central Lancashire.

Anthony Webster is Professor of Business History at Northumbria University.

Olga Kuznetsova is Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of Place Management at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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