Higher Education in Small Islands

Challenging the Geographies of Centrality and Remoteness

Pinpointing the intersecting concerns of higher education studies and island studies, this book interrogates the role of higher education development in addressing common small island concerns. It demonstrates how small island contexts disrupt normative discourses, understandings and practices in education policy, curricula and experiences.

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This collection shifts the focus of higher education research away from the traditional urban centre and onto small island contexts across the world. Introducing the small island as a context for higher education delivery this book extends beyond the existing literature on higher education in small states, arguing for the value specifically of the small island as a conceptual frame for exploring multiscalar dynamics between global, national and local contexts in higher education provision. Drawing on examples from around the world, the book identifies how the small island opens critical questions relevant to higher education scholarship much more widely about the purposes and functions of higher education especially in relation to national, regional and local development, as well as questions about specific issues in higher education such as quality and management. The insights offered by the contributions in this book will be relevant to higher education scholars as well as scholars in the field of island studies, and especially those concerned with the relationship of higher education provision to regional and island development.

Rosie Alexander is Lecturer in the School of Education and Social Sciences at the University of West of Scotland, UK.

Holly Henderson is Assistant Professor of Education at the Centre for International Educational Research at the University of Nottingham, UK.

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