The Politics of Migrant Labour

Exit, Voice, and Social Reproduction

At a time when worker shortages have emerged as a global challenge, this highly original book bridges migration and labour studies to examine worker mobility and its management. This will be a valuable resource for both scholars and practitioners.

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The turnover of labour and its significance for workers and employers has usually been considered at the organizational level as individual exit behaviour, and seldom in relation to the cross-border mobility practices of migrant workers within and without the workplace.

Drawing from labour process theory, the autonomy of migration, social reproduction and industrial relations, this book explores the relationship between labour mobility and international migration under a global and historical perspective.

Uncovering both the individual and collective actions by migrants inside and outside worker organizations, the authors develop a new understanding of migrants’ everyday mobilities as creative and life-sustaining strategies of social reproduction and labour conflict.

Gabriella Alberti is Associate Professor of Work and Employment Relations and Researcher at the Centre for Employment Relations Innovation and Change (CERIC) at the University of Leeds, Business School.

Devi Sacchetto is Professor of Sociology of Work at the Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology at the University of Padova.

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