The Creation of Poverty and Inequality in India

Exclusion, Isolation, Domination and Extraction

This book analyses poverty in India as being intimately connected with the advent of caste, untouchability, colonialism, indentured servitude and slavery, and their relation to modern practices. It recommends a slew of bold domestic and international policies to eliminate poverty.

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Poverty in India is intimately connected with caste, untouchability, colonialism and indentured servitude, inseparable from the international experience of slavery and race.

Focusing on historical and modern practices, this book goes beyond traditional economic approaches to poverty and demonstrates its genesis in exclusion, isolation, domination and extraction resulting in the removal of human and economic rights. Examining cash and assets transfers and enhancement of women’s rights, primary health and education, it scrutinizes inadequacies in compensatory policies for redressing the balance.

This is an original interdisciplinary contribution that offers bold domestic and international policies anchored in human radicalism to eradicate poverty.

Parthasarathi Shome is Visiting Senior Fellow at the International Inequalities Institute of the London School of Economics and Chairman of the International Tax Research and Analysis Foundation in India.

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