Implementing restorative justice in children’s residential care

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With the growth in the use of restorative justice and restorative approaches, this book takes an in-depth look at their applicability in the environment of children’s residential care homes.

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Restorative justice (RJ) and restorative approaches (RAs) are becoming increasingly valued as a way of responding to a wide range of conflicts, including problem and offending behaviours. The growth in the use of RJ and RAs has been described as a ‘global social movement’ that sets out to repair harm, reduce conflict and harmonise civil society. This report takes a close look at the implementation of an RJ approach in the challenging environment of children’s residential care homes. It will appeal to people who are interested in the use of RJ, particularly its use with children and young people, as well as those interested in problem and offending behaviours in relation to children in care.

Carol Hayden is Professor in Applied Social Research at the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies within the University of Portsmouth. She has published widely about her research in the field of vulnerable children and young people for a variety of audiences in social care, education, policy and criminology.

Dennis Gough is Senior Lecturer in Penology at the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth. He teaches and researches in the broad fields of punishment, prisons and their respective alternatives. His PhD research is concerned with the governance of corrections.

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