Bail support schemes for adults

This important book makes a valuable contribution to an under-researched area. It includes an evaluation of the Effective Bail Scheme (EBS) and discusses the potential for the wider development of bail support schemes and some of the questions and challenges posed by their use.

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Bail is a fundamental human right which measures society’s democratic credentials. Taken alongside an increasing prison population, there is an urgent need to find alternatives to custodial remands which do not increase risks to the community. This important book evaluates a bail support scheme called the Effective Bail Scheme (EBS), which was the first such scheme directed at adults, and places its findings in the context of bail law and practice. Based on up-to-date research, this book will make a valuable contribution to an under-researched area and provide useful insights for policy makers and practitioners.

Anthea Hucklesby is Reader in Criminal Justice and Deputy Director of the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Leeds. She has spent 20 years researching bail and pre-trial detention in the UK and is currently undertaking a comparative study of bail law and practice. Her research centres on the treatment of suspects, defendants and offenders within the criminal justice process and includes studies on all stages of the process.

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