Theorising Justice

A Primer for Social Scientists

Justice is becoming increasingly important to climate change and economic development discussions. This book combines justice theories with their applications in policy and practice, to address the social, political, economic and ecological challenges we face today.

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Bringing together divergent approaches to justice theorising, this volume connects normative and philosophical theories with the more empirically focused approaches emerging today in the social and political sciences and policy scholarship. The chapters overview a variety of mainstream approaches and radical critiques of justice to illustrate their value in addressing the pressing problems of climate change and economic development.

Stressing the value of assessing justice theories in light of the material conditions of our changing world, the book concludes with an in-depth synthesis of how these wide ranging approaches to justice will be useful for students, scholars and practitioners concerned with realising justice.

Johanna Ohlsson is Senior Lecturer and Head of Department at the Department of Human Rights and Democracy at University College Stockholm and a Senior Researcher at the Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Uppsala University.

Stephen Przybylinski is Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography, Environment and Spatial Sciences at Michigan State University.

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