Our mission is to address urgent global social issues while breaking down academic silos, across geographies. We welcome your submissions.

This journal seeks to address global social challenges by publishing scholarship within, across, and beyond disciplines in order to inform research, education, policy, and practice. Toward that end, we welcome submissions for Special Collections bringing together a set of original articles that reframe or develop knowledge on a topic relevant to aims, scope, themes and readership of the Global Social Challenges Journal. A Special Collection should integrate individual articles around a common theme, advance debate and/or practice in a particular area, make a significant and lasting contribution, and ideally be relevant across disciplines and fields.

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Our blog Transforming Society is a space for exploring the complexities of the global social challenges across disciplines and fields. It seeks to build and share the knowledge needed to shape a fairer world, across and for the global south and north, hoping to foster dialogue between academics, practitioners, policy makers and the wider public.

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