At Bristol University Press and Policy Press, we are committed to ensuring that all our products are available to as wide an audience as possible. Our research and publications are there to influence and inform, so it is important to our wider mission that this content is accessed by everyone regardless of technological ability or situation.

BUP Digital, and our website, are compliant with Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1. The sites display correctly in current browsers and using standards-compliant HTML/CSS code means that any future browsers should also display it correctly. If there are any issues, then please let us know.

The site was designed with accessibility at the forefront considering readability as it applies to typography, colour and and contrast. If there are any issues then please get in contact.

All eBooks published from April 2020 are available in both HTML and PDF options, with access to alt text and image descriptions for the majority of visual content. eBooks published before April 2020 are available as screen-reader-friendly PDFs.

The vast majority of journal articles, published after 2020 are available in HTML and PDF. This means full text can easily be resized or read with assistive technology, with mark-up that allows screen readers and keyboard-only users to navigate easily and intuitively. This means users can:

  • change the font and increase/decrease font size
  • reflow the text to fit any screen size
  • adjust colour and contrast to suit their preference
  • enable text-to-speech functionality

Bristol University Press works with Royal National Institute of Blind People Bookshare, an accessible online library for people with dyslexia, learning disabilities, visual impairments, physical disabilities and other reading barriers. All our content is available through these sites.

We are happy to provide electronic files or grant permission for the creation into the appropriate formats for the visually impaired. Our files are normally provided in PDF or EPUB 2 or 3 which functions with most screen-reading and text-to-speech software. If there are any issues, we can always supply in other formats. Please send any queries to the Sales and Marketing Director, Jo Greig, at