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Drawing on the findings of a qualitative study of 48 families with young children (aged 1.5–10 years), which investigated the influence of employment on children’s diets, this article focuses on the place of childhood memories and intergenerational relations in the transmission of family food practices. The article highlights the temporal nature of family food practices. First, it examines the intergenerational transmission of food practices in relation to present time as mothers and grandmothers negotiate what and how children eat in their everyday lives. Second, it analyses the ways in which memories of childhood influence mothers’ food practices in their current families, showing how present-day family food practices are embedded in the relations between parents, grandparents and children and in the experiences of food and eating from the past. The article thereby demonstrates the importance of the interplay between food, memories of childhood experiences and intergenerational familial relations.

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This paper contributes to scholarship concerned with media representations of poverty by exploring newspaper coverage of food poverty as experienced by UK children and families. Our content analysis of six contrasting print newspapers from 2006–15 finds that reporting of children's and families’ food poverty begins in 2011, peaks in 2014 and is dominated by articles about foodbanks. Narrative analysis identifies differences as well as similarities in the ways the problem is constructed in papers with different political stances as well as notable absences in the coverage, including the broader dimensions of food poverty and the views of children themselves.

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