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Growing Up in Québec, also known as the Québec Longitudinal Study of Child Development, 2nd edition (QLSCD 2), is a prospective cohort that began in spring 2021. Its goal is to follow the development of Québec children from the age of five months to adulthood in about 4,500 families. It is conducted by the Institut de la statistique du Québec and is based on the Québec Longitudinal Study of Child Development, 1st edition (QLSCD 1), which began in 1998 and is still ongoing. This article describes the Growing Up in Québec pilot study started in 2018, focusing on its objectives and key stages of completion, namely content selection, recruitment strategies and the retention plan, collection methods, adjustments to strategies made during collection, and methodology, including the construction of a socio-economic poverty indicator for population stratification. The article continues by presenting pilot results and their implications for the main survey. It ends with recommendations from the pilot study, exemplifying the wealth of experience gained from it.

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