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In this thought-provoking essay, Martina Tazzioli and William Walters argue that the political concept of solidarity is under-theorised in the academy, particularly as compared to concepts such as justice, equality, citizenship, equality. But in calling for a sharper ‘analytics of solidarity’ they are clear that theory must be informed by practice and that the perspectives of those struggling for migrant and refugee rights in a ‘new era of protest’ are key. By interrogating solidarity within the migration context, they show how the bounded and bordered nature of top-down solidarity, as institutionalised both in EU declarations, charters and policies and the more recent state-model of ‘good refugee hosting’, divides citizen from foreigner, betraying universal values. They contrast the branded ‘paternalistic humanitarianism’ favoured by the European Commission, with the bottom-up internationalist (and therefore anti-racist) solidarity of Europe’s citizens’ initiative of solidarity practices at the French-Italian frontier as a case study.

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