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  • Author or Editor: Ekaterina Chertkovskaya x
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This chapter critically analyses SDG 8 (Decent work and economic growth) and its targets from the perspective of degrowth, and suggests how the economy and work could be reoriented towards socio-ecological transformation. First, it problematizes the goal of perpetual economic growth, which is not compatible with ecological sustainability because of the impossibility of decoupling GDP growth from material and energy throughput at the global level. It also pays attention to injustices entangled with the pursuit of growth. Second, it discusses the understanding of work in SDG 8, arguing that the growth-centrism of societies makes work unsustainable and unjust, while the current targets address the symptoms rather than underlying causes of the problems with work. Third, instead of economic growth, the chapter argues that socio-ecological transformation is a more fitting orientation for societies. In line with this goal, it formulates a vision of regenerative economy focused on well-being, sufficiency and equity, and a vision of work that emphasizes work in regenerative activities, its democratization and working less. In conclusion, it suggests that the overall framework of Agenda 2030 needs to focus on well-being rather than the growth-focused and Western notion of development, and articulates an alternative to SDG 8.

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