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  • Author or Editor: Stephanie Schwandner-Sievers x
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This chapter aims explore the resemblances between Albanian ‘street life’ (jeta e rrugës) with life on-road in the United Kingdom. The salience of this proposed comparison is that the young people who took part in the research in Albania discussed being literally ‘on the roads’ as they experience international migration in adolescence, much of which involved journeys on both sides of the law in the respective countries. In drawing the comparisons between the hustle of the international ‘street life’ (jeta e rrugës) experienced by Albanian young people and the life ‘on-road’, we propose that some live the translocal on-road hustle. This chapter draws on original research findings derived from life-story interviews using music elicitation with young men in prisons and under probation supervision in the community. The authors conclude that the transnational aspect of Albanian street life is what distinguishes it from the UK on-road, which is conceptualised as more geographically localised.

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