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It’s because of my physical appearance and because I’m Asian that I am bullied. Sometimes people make fun of me and ruin my belongings but I don’t tell my parents. ( Ditch the Label, 2018 : 15) Introduction This chapter turns to those children at increased risk of poverty either through their belonging to a non-white ethnic minority or through their own or a family member’s disability. As well as having an increased risk of living in poverty, these are circumstances that, when combined with poverty, have an interactive effect. Ethnicity While the

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231 12 Understanding models of disability to improve responses to children with learning disabilities Emilie Smeaton Introduction The sexual abuse of children and young people with disabilities has been highlighted in high profile cases such as Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Children Board’s Serious Case Review (Griffiths 2013) and investigations into the sexual abuse perpetrated by Jimmy Savile. This chapter will explore the differences between a medical and a social model of disability to support application of these models to children with learning

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A contemporary reader

Most slave trades were abolished during the 19th century yet there remain millions of people in slavery today, amongst them approximately 210 million children in slavery, trafficked, in debt bondage and other forms of forced labour. This groundbreaking book, drawing on experience worldwide, shows how children remain locked in slavery, the ways in which they are exploited and how they can be emancipated. Written for policy and political actors, academics and activists, it reminds us also that all are implicated in modern childhood slavery - as consumers - and need both to understand its causes, and act to stop it.

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This book is the first in-depth exploration of grandparents’ relationships with adult children and grandchildren in divorced families. It asks what part grandparents might play in public policy and whether measures should be taken to support their grandparenting role. Do they have a special place in family life that ought to be recognised in law?

This ground-breaking book is intended for a wide readership. Grandparents and parents in divorced families will identify with many of the thoughts, feelings and experiences reflected here. Academics in social science and law departments will encounter new thinking about the nature of the grandchild-grandparent relationship. Policy makers will find out more about recent policy initiatives and their strengths and limitations.

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323 Reconstructing disability, childhood and social policy in the UK John Davis, Nick Watson, Mairian Corker and Tom Shakespeare Introduction This chapter examines the medical and social ‘models’ that have underpinned social policy aimed at disabled children. It suggests that both ‘models’ are premised on notions of deficit and dependency. By drawing on ethnographic data, this chapter challenges some of the ‘taken-for-granted’ assumptions that inform policy approaches to disability and childhood. We want to suggest that what pertains is not natural, or obvious

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Improving communication for vulnerable witnesses and defendants

This is the first book about the intermediary scheme, criminal justice’s untold ‘good news story’. Intermediaries are independent communication specialists who assist children and vulnerable adults at police interviews and trials, helping to improve the quality of their evidence and providing access to justice for those who previously had been excluded. Richly illustrated with case examples through intermediaries’ own descriptions of their work, the book also includes feedback from justice system personnel and over 70 judges.

This unique book provides a comprehensive explanation of how intermediaries work in practice and gives ‘behind the scenes’ insights into the criminal process. It will be of interest to practitioners and the wider public in England and Wales and encourage consideration of the scheme elsewhere.

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Researching Everyday Lives

In this exciting book, leading fatherhood scholars from Europe and Scandinavia offer unique insights into how to research fathers and fatherhood in contemporary society.

Outlining research methods in detail, including examples of large scale studies, online research, surveys and visual and aural methods, they explore how each approach worked in practice, what the benefits and pitfalls were, and what the wider and future application of the chosen research methods might be.

Covering a wide range of subjects from non-resident fathers to father engagement in child protection, this major contribution to the field also critiques and addresses the notion that fathers, especially young fathers, can be ‘hard to reach’. Essential reading for both students and policy makers in a fast-growing area of interest.

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This book draws on the findings of a two-year European research project to offer answers to the ‘problem’ of how to respond to violence involving young people that continues to challenge youth workers and policy makers.

‘Responding to violence through youth work’ combines elements of critical theory, psychosocial criminology and applied existential philosophy to present a new model for responding meaningfully and effectively to these issues, demonstrated through a series of case studies and insider accounts generated through peer research.

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Analysing social policy and lived experiences

This timely book examines parental rights to ‘welfare state support’ and parental responsibilities for child welfare in relation to recent social policy agendas pursued by the Labour government in the UK in the context of child well-being research, state welfare analysis and sociological research about parental perspectives and the multiple contexts of parenting and childhood. It calls for notions of parental rights and responsibilities which are more responsive to the diversity of parental perspectives and parenting contexts. The book is valuable reading for students, researchers and practitioners in social policy and child and family services.

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New Approaches to Prevention

Many policy and practice initiatives that aim to prevent social exclusion focus on children and young people. This book seeks to consider new approaches to understanding the complexities of prevention, and how these new understandings can inform policy and practice. The authors use evidence from the National Evaluation of the Children’s Fund to illustrate and explore the experiences of children and families who are most marginalised. They consider the historical context of approaches to child welfare, and present a new framework for understanding and developing preventative polices and practice within the context of social exclusion.

Preventative initiatives such as the Children’s Fund have supported large-scale complex evaluations that have generated rich and important data about strategies for addressing social exclusion and what they can achieve. The findings of this book have direct relevance for all those engaged in developing preventative policy and practice and will therefore be of interest to policy makers, practitioners and students of child welfare and social policy more broadly, in providing a timely discussion of key debates in designing, delivering and commissioning preventative services.

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