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cause Malta’s final entry to the hall of infamy – the FATF greylist. Yet, in Malta’s case, through a determined effort to make change, the visit to the Grey List was only for 12 months. Justifiably perhaps was the initial greylisting or was it the golden passports saga that brought out the most disgust of the FATF members? 6 In response, Malta’s Prime Minister, Robert Abela, accepted the unjust placing on the greylist and insisted that the government would respect the decision and work together with the FATF to resolve any shortcomings. But to what extent the

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Billions of dollars are wasted each year trying to prevent ‘dirty money’ entering a financial system that is already awash with it. The authors challenge the global approach, arguing that complacency, self-interest and misunderstanding have now created long-standing absurdities.

International and government policy makers inadvertently facilitate tax evasion, corruption, environmental and organised crime by separating crime from its root cause. The handful of crime-fighters that do exist are starved of resources whilst an army of compliance box-tickers are prevented from truly helping. The authors provide a toolbox of evidence-based solutions to help the frontline tackle financial crime.

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Integrating MENA Countries in a Globalized Economy

This volume analyses the impact of globalization on civil service systems across the Middle East and North Africa.

A collaboration between practitioners and academic public policy experts, it presents an analytical model to assess how globalization influences civil servants, illustrated by case studies of countries where there has been an increased engagement with international actors. It demonstrates how this increased interaction has altered the position of civil servants and traces the shifting patterns of power and accountability between civil servants, politicians and other actors.

It is an original and important addition to debate about globalization’s role in transnational public administration and governance.

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undermine its status. It also has economic implications for us as the international business community avoids doing business with grey-listed countries. There is a broader consensus among independent scholars that the FATF is being used against Pakistan as a pressure tool. It is being used to compel Pakistan to bow down in front of the US and Western demands. 12 Criticism in national media can be seen as a good thing, it shows that the FATF matters. It is hard to comment on the validity of a particular critique, but this type of criticism shows that the FATF and its

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, money laundering and counter-terrorism financing (including black and grey listing), and global governance indicators (for example Open Government Index, 2018; World Bank, 2020b; World Bank Groups, 2020d), to name a few, have a major influence on countries’ ability to attract investment, obtain loans at attractive rates, and so on. Performance indicators have been established by a variety of transnational actors, including classical intergovernmental organizations, transnational non-governmental organizations (for example Transparency International [TI]), and think

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