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From Strategy to Decision

Between 2021 and 2031, the UK government is set to spend over £230 billion on its military. Who decides how to use these funds, and how can we be sure that the UK’s armed forces can meet the threats of tomorrow?

This book provides the answers to these crucial questions. Concentrating on decisions taken below the political level, it uncovers the factors that underpin the translation of strategic direction into military capability. In a series of interviews, over 30 top admirals, generals and air marshals give their own views on the procurement and maintenance of the nation’s current and future military capability. Their unrivalled professional knowledge and experience affords a fascinating insight into the higher management of national defence.

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Entanglements, Critiques and Re-Imaginings

This ground-breaking collection interrogates protest camps as sites of gendered politics and feminist activism.

Drawing on case studies that range from Cold War women-only peace camps to more recent mixed-gender examples from around the world, diverse contributors reflect on the recurrence of gendered, racialised and heteronormative structures in protest camps, and their potency and politics as feminist spaces.

While developing an intersectional analysis of the possibilities and limitations of protest camps, this book also tells new and inspiring stories of feminist organising and agency. It will appeal to feminist theorists and activists, as well as to social movement scholars.

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Authors: and

How do we sustain agency and identity amidst the frailty of advanced old age? What role does care play in this process?

Pushing forward new sociological theory, this book explores the theoretical and practical issues raised by age and infirmity. It begins with a theoretical examination of the fourth age, interrogating notions of agency, identity and personhood, as well as the impact of frailty, abjection and ‘othering’. It then applies this analysis to issues of care.

Exploring our collective hopes and fears concerning old age and the ends of people’s lives, this is essential reading on one of the biggest social issues of our time.

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Information & Communication Technologies, generations, and the life course

Are Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) connecting families? And what does this mean in terms of family routines, relationships, norms, work, intimacy and privacy?

This edited collection takes a life course and generational perspective covering theory, including posthumanism and strong structuration theory, and methodology, including digital and cross-disciplinary methods. It presents a series of case studies on topics such as intergenerational connections, work-life balance, transnational families, digital storytelling and mobile parenting.

It will give students, researchers and practitioners a variety of tools to make sense of how ICTs are used, appropriated and domesticated in family life. These tools allow for an informed and critical understanding of ICTs and family dynamics.

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Prospects and Dialogues

EPDF and EPUB available Open Access under CC-BY-NC-ND licence.

Individuals’ behaviours at work are known to be shaped by cold, or cognitive-motivational, processes as well as hot, or affect-motivational, processes. To date, employee proactivity research has mainly focused on the ‘cold’ side. But emotion has been proposed to ‘energize’ employees’ proactivity, especially in interdependent and uncertain work environments.

In this pioneering work, expert scholars offer new thinking on the process by examining how emotion can drive employees’ proactivity in the workplace and how, in turn, that proactivity can shape one’s emotional experiences.

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-hoc cycle of defence reviews, taken to task by Cornish and Dorman, was replaced at the 2010 SDSR by the quinquennial review process ( HM Government, 2010c , p 35). This process underpinned the MoD’s operating model and control framework up until 2020 (see MoD, 2012c ; and MoD, 2015b ); however, it was arguably undermined by Boris Johnson’s decision, in February 2020, to undertake an integrated review to include foreign policy and international development, in addition to defence and security ( GOV.UK, 2020c ). Nevertheless, to date, there has been no follow-up academic

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supporting objectives ( HM Government, 2021b , p 18). Most of the output targets for Defence were included in the third objective – strengthening security and defence at home and overseas. Here, the government committed to three high-level goals, which were broken down into sub-goals, each supported by priority actions detailed in Table 4.6 ( 2021b , pp 69–85). Table 4.6: Defence-related goals and priorities from the 2021 Integrated Review Goal Sub-goals and priority actions Counter state threats at home and overseas Defending the UK and our

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emic accounts with primary material such as letters, diaries and autobiographical notes. The task here is for the researcher to use the insider’s (participant’s) point of views and actions as authoritative. Disclosure statement No potential conflict of interest was reported by the authors. References Aldunate, N., and R. González-Ibáñez. 2016. “An Integrated Review of Emoticons in Computer- Mediated Communication.” Front Psychology 7: 2061. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2016.02061. Bakhtin, M. M. 1981. The Dialogic Imagination: Four Essays. Translated and edited by Emerson M

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, 59, 301–311, doi:10.1007/s11199-008-9501-8 Smiler, A.P. (2008) ‘I wanted to get to know her better’: Adolescent boys’ dating motives, masculinity ideology, and sexual behaviour. Journal of Adolescence, 31, 17–32, doi: 10.1016/j.adolescence.2007.03.006 Vanwesenbeeck, I., Zessen, van, G., Ingham, R., Jaramazovic, E. and Stevens, D. (1999) Factors and processes in heterosexual competence and risk: An integrated review of the evidence. Psychology and Health, 14, 25–50. Whitten, A. and Sethna, C. (2014) What’s missing? Antiracist sex education! Sex Education, 14

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:// . Whitehead , C. ( 2007 ) Methodological and ethical issues in Internet-mediated research in the field of health: an integrated review of the literature , Social Science & Medicine , 65 ( 4 ): 782 – 91 . Women’s Health ( 2019 ) 13 Signs you’re in a toxic friendship – and how to GTFO , 23 January , . Young , K. ( n.d. ) When someone you love is toxic – how to let go, without guilt , Hey Sigmund , www

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