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Art Spaces in Beijing and Berlin

Julie Ren investigates the motivations and practices of making art spaces in Beijing and Berlin to engage with comparative urbanism as a framework for doing research, beyond its significance as a critical intervention.

Across vastly different contexts, where universal theories of modernity or development seem increasingly misplaced, she innovatively explores the ways that art spaces employ creative capital to sustain themselves in a competitive urban landscape.

She shows how these art spaces are embedded within a politics of aspiration and demonstrates that aspiration is an important lens through which to understand the nature of, and possibilities for, urban change.

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Housing allowances have become increasingly important policy instruments in the advanced welfare states. Operating at the interface between housing and social security policy, they provide means-tested assistance with housing costs for low income households.

In the present era of fiscal austerity, such schemes are seen by many governments as a more efficient way to help tenants than rent controls or ‘bricks and mortar’ subsidies to landlords. Yet as the contributions to this collection show, housing allowances are not without problems of their own, especially in relation to housing consumption and work incentives.

This book examines income-related housing allowance schemes in advanced welfare states as well as in transition economies of central and eastern Europe.

Drawing on experiences in ten countries, including Britain, Sweden, Germany, Australia and the USA, it presents new evidence on the origins and design of housing allowances; their role within housing and social security policy; their impact on affordability; and current policy debates and recent reforms.

Unique in it’s depth of coverage, “Housing Allowances in Comparative Perspective" is essential reading for researchers, students and lecturers in social policy, housing and urban studies.

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With contributions from an international team of experts, this collection provides a much-needed international, comparative approach to mental capacity law.

The book focuses particularly on exploring substantive commonalities and divergences in normative orientation and practical application embedded in different legal frameworks. It draws together contributions from eleven different jurisdictions across Europe, Asia and the UK and explores what productive or unproductive values and practices currently exist.

By providing a detailed comparison of how legal and ethical commitments to persons with disabilities are framed in capacity law across different national systems, the book highlights the values and practices that could lead to changes that better respect persons with disabilities in mental capacity regimes.

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Co-Production For Sustainability

Available Open Access under CC-BY-NC licence. Reporting on the innovative, transdisciplinary research on sustainable urbanisation undertaken by Mistra Urban Futures, a highly influential research centre based in Sweden (2010-19), this book builds on the Policy Press title Rethinking Sustainable Cities to make a significant contribution to evolving theory about comparative urban research.

Highlighting important methodological experiences from across a variety of diverse contexts in Africa and Europe, this book surveys key experiences and summarises lessons learned from the Mistra Urban Futures' global research platforms. It demonstrates best practice for developing and deploying different forms of transdisciplinary co-production, covering topics including neighbourhood transformation and housing justice, sustainable urban and transport development, urban food security and cultural heritage.

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Against Isolation and Under-representation

Parliamentary diplomacy has provided a crucial, promising outlet in Taiwan’s challenging pursuit of its own interests in the international arena.

This book assesses both the potentials and the constraints of parliamentary diplomacy for Taiwan. Through a comparative perspective, and using evidence from the relations of the Legislative Yuan in Taiwan with the US Congress and the European Parliament, the authors investigate the implementation of parliamentary diplomacy in Taiwan and its impact in Taiwan’s foreign policy. In their analysis, the authors draw vital lessons that will have important implications for other entities which have similar challenges and aspirations.

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155 FOUR Comparative analyses This chapter studies the MIP systems in the 17 European countries in comparative perspective. The first section analyses the MIP benefit levels for adults of working age and their families. The crucial aspect is how the generosity of needs-based social citizenship rights deviates from average incomes and other social benefits (see Chapter Two). The more deviation can be observed, the less are generous basic social citizenship rights institutionalised in society. The second section compares aggregate MIP caseloads (recipients

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There is a highly established body of literature comparing migration policies, including citizenship (for example Brubaker, 1992 ; Hansen and Weil, 2001 ; Bauböck et al, 2006 ; Faist, 2007 ; Janoski, 2010 ; van Oers, 2013 ) and integration (for example Jacobs and Rea, 2007 ; Goodman, 2010; 2014 ; van Oers et al, 2010a ; Garcés-Mascareñas and Penninx, 2016 ; Pascouau, 2018 ). Comparative analyses of the implementation of migration policies are rarer, the few exceptions including the studies of migration control across seven European countries by Eule

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37 THREE Analysing teacher education policy: comparative and historical approaches Moira Hulme Introduction In the past decade, as we have seen in the previous two chapters, teacher education has assumed greater significance in global education policy (OECD, 2011a, 2011b; Asia Society, 2013; World Bank, 2013). Strategies to improve education outcomes have increasingly focused on improving teachers’ learning, leading to national reviews of teacher education. A repertoire of global reforms has sought to increase control over teachers’ work and performance

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Comparative Urban Politics and Inter-organisational Behaviour Stephen L. Elkin University of Pennsylvania Introduction Lima, Peru, has no city government, the central city being divided into several municipalities including a portion governed by Lima Province.1 Similarly, Valencia, Venezuela is largely governed by a variety of central government agencies over which the local authority exercises limited in- fluence.2 In contrast, Zagreb, Yugoslavia has a metropolitan area government which can vote its own budgets, pass laws and establish agencies with- out central

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179 EIGHT Orthodoxy and reflexivity in international comparative analysis Ben Valkenburg and Jens Lind Introduction Life is easy for social scientists engaged in international comparative research. Yet, at the same time, it is also hard. Within the social sciences, this kind of research is regarded as the ultimate in terms of scientific quality, especially when the results are international publications. The interest in international comparative research among policy makers has been growing over the years, due to, among others, processes of globalisation

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