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The Case of Colorblindness

This book offers a unique perspective on contemporary France by focusing on racial diversity, race and racism as central features of French society and identity.

The author critically reviews the contentious public policies and significant issues, including the 2005 French riots and the policies regarding the Islamic veil, revealing how color-blind racism plays a role in the persistence of racial inequality for French racial minorities.

Drawing from American sociological frameworks, this outstanding study presents a new way of thinking in the study of racial identity politics in today’s France.

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Value incommensurability and the politics of recognition

Available Open Access under CC-BY-NC licence. This important book explores the values of equality and diversity as promoted across liberal societies, drawing on various traditions of political and social philosophy, including liberal egalitarianism, existentialism, and elements of post-modernism and post-structuralism. These philosophies are applied to policy and practice debates, especially concerning disability issues, but also relating to gender and multiculturalism. It will be of interest to academics and postgraduate students across a range of social studies disciplines.

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Practical Tools for Improving Teaching, Research, and Scholarship

Despite progress, the Western higher education system is still largely dominated by scholars from the privileged classes of the Global North. This book presents examples of efforts to diversify points of view, include previously excluded people, and decolonize curricula.

What has worked? What hasn’t? What further visions do we need? How can we bring about a more democratic and just academic life for all?

Written by scholars from different disciplines, countries, and backgrounds, this book offers an internationally relevant, practical guide to ‘doing diversity’ in the social sciences and humanities and decolonising higher education as a whole.

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Space, place and identities in the multi-ethnic city

Lived diversities: Space, place and identities in the multi-ethnic city is a timely and important book, which focuses on multi-ethnic interaction in an inner city area. Addressing difficult issues that are often simplistically and negatively portrayed it challenges the stereotypical denigration of inner city life, and Muslim communities in particular. Using well-crafted historical, political and contextual explanations the book provides a nuanced account of contemporary multi-ethnic coexistence. This invaluable contribution to our understanding of the politics and practice of multicultural coexistence is a must-read for students and practitioners interested in ethnic diversity, urban policy and the politics of place and space.

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gain momentum from their own limited success – when more of those outside of the elite progress through the universities, only to find their progress impeded still in significant ways. Together, such internal and external pressures are forcing universities to respond. If recent years have seen a revitalization of the appetite for diversity and inclusivity that seeks to redress systemic inequalities, our understanding and ability to address them in everyday academic practice has not kept pace. This volume recognizes the scope for engaging and seeking to expand our

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257 CHAPTER 10 The diversity advantage One of the most important challenges facing modern societies, and at the same time one of our most significant opportunities, is the increase in ethnic and social heterogeneity in virtually all advanced countries Robert Putnam, Diversity and Community in the 21st Century, 2007 Introduction For centuries, if not throughout human history, cities have grown and changed as a result of migration and immigration. A consequence is that all cities are, to some extent, multicultural or multiethnic.1 In Chapter 2 I discussed the

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, there have been several attempts over the years – mostly unsuccessful – by scholars, nongovernmental organizations, and elected officials to argue for the inclusion of “ethnic statistics,” as they have come to be called in France. The most recent attempt was made by a group of local elected officials from different minority groups who advocate for a change in the law. However, a 2010 report written by the Comité pour la Mesure et l’Évaluation de la Diversité et des Discriminations (Comedd, or Committee for the Measure and Evaluation of Diversity and Discriminations

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137 7 Negotiating diversity and equality Andreas Novy and Carla Weinzierl Introduction Europe is a melting pot, characterised by a rich cultural heritage and currently becoming increasingly diverse through immigration. At the same time, it is divided by deep socioeconomic inequalities. Increasing diversity and rising inequality seem to go hand in hand. This chapter tries to disentangle the complex relationship of diversity and inequality and how they play out in local social innovation initiatives. On the one hand, reducing inequality in its multiple

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Multiple pathways and cultural migrations

To understand contemporary ageing it is necessary to recognise its diversity. Drawing on an extraordinary range of theory, original research and empirical sources, this book assesses the stereotyped conceptions of ageing, and offers a critical and updated perspective.

The book explores the diversity of individual pathways of ageing, the sources of identifications, migration and otherness, and the tension between social structures and personal agency; considers multidisciplinary and international perspectives as an important means of understanding the diversity of ageing, and the need for change in established notions and policies; addresses key issues such as global ageing, migration, transnational community and citizenship; incorporates theories and findings from psychology and sociology, anthropology and demography, social policy and health sciences.

'Ageing and diversity' is aimed at academics, students and practitioners in the fields of sociology, social psychology, health, and welfare. It will also be of interest to all those who want to challenge stereotypes about ageing.

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