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107 SIX Activity status, morbidity patterns and hospitalisation in India Harihar Sahoo Background Trends in life expectancy across both developed and developing countries show that people are living longer. In line with these global developments mortality rates in India have decreased, which has led to significant gains in life expectancy. Figure 6.1 shows that the crude birth rate1 has more than halved over the last century. There has also been a steady fall in crude death rates2 from a high of 47 in 1911–21 to a low of just over 7 in 2010. This fall in

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Just to show something, anything, in the photographic view is to show what is hidden. ( Sontag, 1973 , p. 94) Introduction The present chapter examines how the use of Photovoice contributes to children in special education programmes in a post-hospitalisation programme. The Photovoice project allows these children to express their voices and points of view through photography, as well as their feelings and thoughts regarding the photographs they have taken. Photovoice with children Photovoice was developed by Wang & Burris (1994 ) as a

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Measurement, Meaning and the Media

Do numbers have a life of their own or do we give them meaning? How do data play a role in constructing people’s perceptions of the world around them? How far can we trust numbers to speak truth to power?

The COVID-19 pandemic offers a unique moment to answer these questions. This book examines how politicians, experts and journalists gave meaning to data through the story of seven iconic numbers from the pandemic.

Shedding light on a new dawn of data, this book makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of the relationship between numbers, meaning and society.

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The rapid economic growth of the past few decades has radically transformed India’s labour market, bringing millions of former agricultural workers into manufacturing industries, and, more recently, the expanding service industries, such as call centres and IT companies.

Alongside this employment shift has come a change in health and health problems, as communicable diseases have become less common, while non-communicable diseases, like cardiovascular problems, and mental health issues such as stress, have increased.

This interdisciplinary work connects those two trends to offer an analysis of the impact of working conditions on the health of Indian workers that is unprecedented in scope and depth.

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Issues, Impacts and Implications

If prison regimes had continued as normal during the COVID-19 lockdown, social distancing would have been impossible. Therefore, sweeping restrictions were imposed confining prisoners to their cells, cancelling communal activity and prohibiting visits from family and friends.

This insightful book identifies the risks posed by prison lockdowns to minority ethnic prisoners, foreign national prisoners and prisoners from Traveller and Roma communities across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. It documents the unequal impacts on their mental and physical health, feelings of isolation and fear, access to services and contact with visitors.

The legacy of the lockdown will be profound. This book exposes the long-term significance and impact on minority ethnic prisoners.

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Many of the individual and social problems that are characterised as moral panics are, in reality, illustrations of a breakdown in the legitimacy of the state. This Byte picks up a number of case-study examples - internet pornography; internet radicalisation; ‘chavs’; the Tottenham riots; patient safety - and explores each through the lens of moral panic ideas, with an appraisal of the work of Stuart Hall, one of the key thinkers in moral panics.

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Analysis and Debate in Social Policy, 2022

Experts review the leading social policy scholarship from the past year in this comprehensive volume.

Published in association with the Social Policy Association, the latest volume in this long-running series addresses current issues and critical debates throughout the international social policy field with a particular focus on employment policy, housing policy and climate justice. Contributors also explore key developments including researching during the COVID-19 pandemic, migrants’ access to social benefits in Germany, the right(s) to healthcare in Italy, American and European homelessness policies and much more.

This annual review is essential reading for students and academics in social policy, social welfare and related disciplines.

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Perspectives of young carers, parents and professionals
Authors: and

Little is known about the experiences of children living in families affected by severe and enduring mental illness. This is the first in-depth study of children and young people caring for parents affected in this way. Drawing on primary research data collected from 40 families, the book presents the perspectives of children (young carers), their parents and the key professionals in contact with them.

Children caring for parents with mental illness makes an invaluable contribution to the growing evidence base on parental mental illness and outcomes for children. It:

• is the first research-based text to examine the experiences and needs of children caring for parents with severe mental illness;

• provides the perspectives of children, parents and key professionals in contact with these families;

• reviews existing medical, social, child protection and young carers literatures on parental mental illness and consequences for children;

• provides a chronology and guide to relevant law and policy affecting young carers and parents with severe mental illness;

• makes concrete recommendations and suggestions for improving policy and professional practice;

• contributes to the growing evidence base on parental mental illness and outcomes for children and families.

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Italy in comparative perspective

The economic crisis has revealed the dark side of deregulation in the labour market: rising unemployment, limited access to social security and, due to low wages, no savings to count upon in bad times.

This book casts light on the empirical relationship between labour market deregulation through non-standard contracts and the three main dimensions of worker security: employment, income and social security. Focusing on individual work histories, it looks at how labour market dynamics interact with the social protection system in bringing about inequality and insecurity. In this context Italy is put forward as the epitome of flexibility through non-standard work and compared with three similar countries: Germany, Spain and Japan. Results show that when flexibility is carried out as a mere cost-reduction device and social security only relies on insurance principles, deregulation leads to insecurity.

‘The political economy of work security and flexibility’ is essential reading for academics, students, practitioners and policy makers interested in the outcomes of labour market developments in advanced economies over the past twenty years.

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US Perspectives

Written by a highly respected team of authors brought together by the Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP), this book provides accessible insights into pressing social problems in the United States in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and proposes public policy responses for victims and justice, precarious populations, employment dilemmas and health and well-being.

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