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585 Policy & Politics • vol 45 • no 4 • 585–603 • © Policy Press 2017 • #PPjnl @policy_politics Print ISSN 0305 5736 • Online ISSN 1470 8442 • Accepted for publication 15 August 2016 • First published online 22 September 2016 Superdiversity, multiculturalism and local policies: a study on European cities Maurizio Ambrosini, University of Milan, Italy Building on a comparative study of the urban ‘adaptations’ of multiculturalism in eight European cities, this paper addresses four

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Employment Policies Across Europe

This book reviews how local social and employment policy fields react to the European Social Fund (ESF) to determine the role of the ESF in local activation policies. Drawing on both sociology and political science literature on welfare state reforms, the author examines what shapes local policy reactions to ESF and what effects these reactions have on change in local policy fields.

Comparing data from 18 local case studies across 6 European countries, and deploying an innovative mixed-method approach, the book presents comparative evidence on everyday challenges in the context of the ESF and discusses how these findings are applicable to other funding schemes.

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Part two National and local policies for youth participation

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122 CHAPTER SIX Superdiversity, multiculturalism and local policies: a study on European cities Maurizio Ambrosini Introduction This chapter, building on a comparative study of immigration policies at the urban level in Europe, discusses the present state of multiculturalist approaches and their adaptations at the local level after the ‘multiculturalism backlash’ (Vertovec and Wessendorf, 2009) in most political discourse. The relations between national frameworks and urban policies, the changing labels and the forms of continuity of local immigration

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417 Evidence & Policy • vol 13 • no 3 • 417–32 • © Policy Press 2017 • #EVPOL Print ISSN 1744 2648 • Online ISSN 1744 2656 • Accepted for publication 04 May 2016 • First published online 19 June 2016 Performing compliance: the work of local policy workers during the implementation of national health promotion guidelines Camilla Lawaetz Wimmelmann, University of Copenhagen, Denmark Guidelines are increasingly used to regulate how local authorities engage in practices. Focusing on the Danish

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123 8 A broader perspective on local policies and the European Social Fund From the beginning, this study has been interested in pathways of usage and change via the ESF in general, and not just in the 18 cases under study. Case-oriented and deterministic studies cannot simply extrapolate their findings to a larger universe of cases. Nevertheless, a certain contingent generalisation can be achieved by detaching a case’s relevant characteristics and linking them to theoretical reflections. This implies a certain ‘elevation’ of particular case properties to

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119 nine Local policy processes: economisation, professionalisation, democratisation Jörg Bogumil and Claudia ruddat This chapter examines how public policies are designed and implemented at the municipal level. The characteristics of municipal decision-making processes are analysed on the basis of the general institutional setting. The concepts of consociational and competitive democracy are essential to understand variance at the municipal level and to allow a structured comparison of local decision-making processes in the different German Länder. In the

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A policy contradiction?

Post 9/11, the imposition of policies of counter-terrorism has seen the erosion of support for fundamental human rights. Simultaneously, Muslim communities in European cities have become a focus for state and local policy, leading to a fixation with policies of social cohesion.

This book offers a unique research-based contribution to the debate around community cohesion and counter-terrorism policies in Britain. Through privileged access to the senior management and staff of five metropolitan authorities it reveals the contradictions between these policies as they are implemented in tandem at the local level.

A robust critique of contemporary policy, this book is for all academics, policy makers and practitioners concerned with the management of ethnic diversity.

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Intention and Reality in Regulating the Sex Trade

Available Open Access under CC-BY-NC licence.

While the debate on regulating prostitution usually focuses on national policy, it is local policy measures that have the most impact on the ground. This book is the first to offer a detailed analysis of the design and implementation of prostitution policy at the local level and carefully situates local policy practices in national policy making and transnational trends in labour migration and exploitation.

Based on detailed comparative research in Austria and the Netherlands, and bringing in experiences in countries such as New Zealand and Sweden, it analyses the policy instruments employed by local administrators to control prostitution and sex workers. Bridging the gap between theory and policy, emphasizing the multilevel nature of prostitution policy, while also highlighting more effective policies on prostitution, migration and labour exploitation, this unique book fills a gap in the literature on this contentious and important social issue.

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This book charts the changing relationships between government, voluntary and community organisations in Northern Ireland since the Good Friday Agreement.

It considers the role these actors have played in rolling out and normalising neoliberal discourses and policies. With lessons about the impact of neoliberal policies on governance, relationships and the peace process, this study explores how a core part of civil society has been shaped by both local policy priorities and broader political and economic processes.

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