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Author: Jane Wills

197 SEVEN A localist future? This book has explored localism as a new policy paradigm in relation to the history of government in England while also considering its implications for the political geography of statecraft and citizenship in the 21st century. I have located localism as both an elite and a popular project; it is driven by a healthy, ‘top down’ recognition that the world cannot be run from Westminster and Whitehall and it is providing opportunities for people and organisations to act on the ground. As such, localism is about the political

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Author: Jane Wills

143 FIVE Institution building for localist futures The key plank of the localism policy agenda – the Localism Act (2011) – instituted new rights to neighbourhood planning. As indicated in Chapter One, this legislation has galvanised a new wave of self- organisation in communities across the country. Many hundreds of forums have been set up in urban areas where none existed before, and many hundreds of parish councils are also widening their civic networks to develop neighbourhood plans. In contrast to the state-led localisms being developed in Poplar and

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Author: Jane Wills

113 FOUR Localist local government Thus far, this book has highlighted the potential to revisit the history and geography of English government and to explore the creation of neighbourhood-level infrastructure that is able to facilitate the organisation of local communities and foster their engagement in local initiatives. Such innovation will necessarily involve working with existing state forms, and, in this regard, local authorities remain critical in shaping the local political culture and have the greatest potential to create new opportunities for

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Statecraft, Citizenship and Democracy
Author: Jane Wills

Locating localism explores the development of localism as a new mode of statecraft and its implications for the practice of citizenship. Drawing on original research, Jane Wills highlights the importance of having the civic infrastructure and capacity to facilitate the engagement of citizens in local decision making. She looks at the development of community organising, neighbourhood planning and community councils that identify and nurture the energies, talents and creativity of the population to solve their own problems and improve our world.

Combining political theory with attention to political practice, the book takes the long view of this new policy development, positioning it in relation to the political geo-history of the British state. In so doing, it highlights the challenges of the state devolving itself and the importance of citizens having the freedom, incentives and institutions needed to act.

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Author: Duncan Bowie

As housing supply in England reaches crisis point, Duncan Bowie provides a critical review of housing policy under successive UK governments. From Blair’s New Labour and Cameron’s Coalition government to the 2016 Housing and Planning Act, Bowie demonstrates how successive governments have failed to provide adequate, affordable housing, leading to a chronic lack of provision.

Exploring the inter-relationship between housing, planning and land policies, Bowie puts forward a reform programme based on an alternative set of policy priorities and delivery mechanisms, arguing the case for an integrated approach on land, taxation, planning and public investment to provide radical solutions to a growing crisis.

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Planning, Localism and Institutional Change

Cities across the globe face unprecedented challenges as a result of ever-increasing pressure from climate change, migration, ageing populations and resource shortages. In order to guarantee a sustainable global future, these issues demand radical new approaches to how we govern our cities.

Providing new research and thinking about cities, their governance and innovative models of planning reform, this timely and important book compares the UK with an array of international examples to examine cutting-edge experimentation and innovation in new models of governance and urban policy.

The flagship text of the Urban Policy, Planning and Built Environment series, this broad but accessible volume is ideal for students and provides an authoritative single point of reference for teaching.

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The Politics of Representation

ePDF and ePUB available Open Access under CC-BY-NC licence.

In recent years, the ‘city region’ has seen a renaissance as the de facto spatial centre of governance for economic and social development.

Rich in case study insights, this book provides a critique of city-region building and considers how governance restructuring shapes the political, economic, social and cultural geographies of devolution. Reviewing the Greater Manchester, Sheffield, Swansea Bay City Regions, Cardiff Capital Region and the North Wales Growth Deal, the authors address the tensions and opportunities for local elites and civil society actors.

Based on original empirical material, situated within cutting edge academic and policy debates, this book is a timely and lively engagement with the shifting geographies of economic and social development in Britain.

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Inclusive community development

Over the past decade, interest in Gypsies, Roma and Travellers (GRT) has risen up the political and media agendas, but they remain relatively unknown. This topical book is the first to chart the history and contemporary developments in GRT community activism, and the community and voluntary organisations and coalitions which support it. Underpinned by radical community development and equality theories, it describes the communities’ struggle for rights against a backdrop of intense intersectional discrimination across Europe, and critiques the ambivalent role of community development in fostering these campaigns. Much of it co-written by community activists, it is a vehicle for otherwise marginalised voices, and an essential resource and inspiration for practitioners, lecturers, researchers and members of GRT communities.

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Empowerment and inclusion in British society

The eviction at Dale Farm in the UK in 2011 brought the conflicting issues relating to Gypsy and Traveller accommodation to the attention of the world’s media. However, as the furore surrounding the eviction has died down, the very pressing issues of accommodation need, inequality of access to education, healthcare and employment, and exclusion from British (and European) society is still very much evident.

This topical book examines and debates a range of themes facing Gypsies and Travellers in British society, including health, social policy, employment and education. It also looks at the dilemmas faced in representing disadvantaged minority groups in media and political discourse, theories on power, control and justice and the impact of European initiatives on inclusion.

Gypsies and Travellers: Empowerment and inclusion in British society will be of interest to students, academics, policy makers, practitioners, those working in the media, police, education and health services, and of course to Gypsies and Travellers themselves.

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Author: Stephen Leach

The Local Government Act 2000 has transformed the way in which local politics operates within local authorities. Local councillors have had to adjust to the introduction of elected mayors, cabinet government and scrutiny committees, and cope with a range of other new initiatives. This book is a unique attempt to provide a coherent analysis of the impact of these changes on the world of local politics.

The book provides a comprehensive review of the operation of politics in local government, including the impact of national and local political parties on the behaviour of party groups in local authorities, the way party groups interact with each other, the changing role of local political leadership and the relationship of local politicians with senior council officers.

The changing role of local politics in Britain Is essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students and their teachers on local government, politics, public policy and public administration courses, as well as officers in local authorities who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the political environment in which they work.

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