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to identify areas that should be the focus of future research: 1) occupational or industry-specific studies to capture new forms of working; 2) the development of nationally representative Work and health in India 250 prospective cohort studies of the work environment and health; and 3) greater multidisciplinary dialogue. As was noted in a number of chapters in the book, the Indian economy is becoming more diversified as new industries and forms of working emerge. It is crucial therefore that researchers examine what the working conditions are for these new

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The rapid economic growth of the past few decades has radically transformed India’s labour market, bringing millions of former agricultural workers into manufacturing industries, and, more recently, the expanding service industries, such as call centres and IT companies.

Alongside this employment shift has come a change in health and health problems, as communicable diseases have become less common, while non-communicable diseases, like cardiovascular problems, and mental health issues such as stress, have increased.

This interdisciplinary work connects those two trends to offer an analysis of the impact of working conditions on the health of Indian workers that is unprecedented in scope and depth.

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International Policy and Discourse

Assessing migration in the context of climate change, Nash draws on empirical research to offer a unique analysis of policy-making in the field. This detailed account is a vital step in understanding the links between global discourses on human mobilities, climate change and specific policy responses. An important contribution to several ongoing debates in academia and beyond.

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EPDF and EPUB available Open Access under CC-BY-NC-ND licence.

The Gulf is a major global destination for migrant workers, with a majority of these workers coming from South Asia. In this book, a team of international contributors examine the often-overlooked complex governance of this migration corridor.

Going beyond state-centric analysis, the contributors present a multi-layered account of the ‘migration governance complex.’ They offer insights not only into the actors involved in the different components of migration governance, but also into the varying ways of interpreting and explaining the meaning and value of these interactions. Together, they enable readers to better understand migration in this important region, while also providing a model for analyzing global migration governance in practice in different parts of the world.

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become the natural home for authors engaged in an expansive, multidisciplinary dialogue about emotional lives in a social context. The emotional and affective turn is currently transforming a broad range of disciplines in the social sciences and beyond. It constitutes a fundamental shift in social scientific debates. This is reflected in an ever-growing output of research – an immense range of books, edited volumes and journal articles that is increasingly difficult to overlook. This is especially so for social scientists and humanities scholars working on emotions

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example through journal clubs and improved computer access, and creating safe venues for multidisciplinary dialogue. For the latter, they recommend policies that enhance the consistency of leadership, clear communication of these policies to nurses and clear rationales for treatment changes. Wilkinson, J.E., Nutley, S.M. and Davies, H.T. (2011) ‘An exploration of the roles of nurse managers in evidence-based practice implementation’, Worldviews on Evidence Based Nursing, 8(4): 236–46. This paper reports on a study of the role of nurse managers (NMs) in the

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Exclusion . Oxford : Oxford University Press . doi: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199669394.001.0001 Abu Dhabi Dialogue (ADD) ( 2008 ). Abu Dhabi Dialogue (ADD). Available online: Aiken , S.J. , Lyon , D., and Thorburn , M. ( 2015 ). ‘“ Crimmigration, Surveillance and Security Threats”: A Multidisciplinary Dialogue .’ Queen’s Law Journal , 40 ( 1 ). Amnesty International ( 2017 ). ‘ Turning People into Profits, Abusive Recruitment, Trafficking and Forced Labour of Nepali Migrant

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Government of Norway (Norwegian Refugee Council, 2011), the purpose of which ‘was to facilitate multidisciplinary dialogue to improve our understanding of the challenges at hand and conclude with a set of recommendations for action’ 29 FROM CANCUN TO PARIS (Norwegian Refugee Council, 2011: 6). Although the event was hosted by the Government of Norway rather than UNHCR, the latter was involved in the event. The very naming of the conference as the Nansen Conference after Fridtjof Nansen, who was the first High Commissioner for Refugees under the League of Nations

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