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Key messages Women political leaders evoke conflicted responses on issues of trust, authenticity, empathy, and warmth. Participants have gendered perceptions of women in political leadership. Exploring group responses to women political leaders at times of crisis can provide new insights into women’s roles in public life. Applying a qualitative psychosocial approach to the study of attitudes to women as political leaders enables a greater understanding of the emotions and affects that are stirred up in relation to them at a time of crisis

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Half a century of female presidents and prime ministers worldwide


Do women national leaders represent a breakthrough for the women’s movement, or is women’s leadership weaker than the numbers imply? This unique book, written by an experienced politician and academic, is the first to provide a comprehensive overview of how and why women in 53 countries rose to the top in the years since World War II. Packed with fascinating case studies detailing the rise to power of all 73 female presidents and prime ministers from around the world, from 1960 (when the first was elected) to 2010, the motives, achievements and life stories of the female top leaders, including findings from interviews carried out by the author, provide a nuanced picture of women in power. The book will have wide international appeal to students, academics, government officials, women’s rights activists and political activists, as well as anyone interested in international affairs, politics, social issues, gender and equality.

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Against Isolation and Under-representation

Parliamentary diplomacy has provided a crucial, promising outlet in Taiwan’s challenging pursuit of its own interests in the international arena.

This book assesses both the potentials and the constraints of parliamentary diplomacy for Taiwan. Through a comparative perspective, and using evidence from the relations of the Legislative Yuan in Taiwan with the US Congress and the European Parliament, the authors investigate the implementation of parliamentary diplomacy in Taiwan and its impact in Taiwan’s foreign policy. In their analysis, the authors draw vital lessons that will have important implications for other entities which have similar challenges and aspirations.

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The increasing impact of neoliberalism across the globe means that a complex interplay of democratic, economic and managerial rationalities now frame the parameters and practices of community development. This book explores how contemporary politics, and the power relations it reflects and projects, is shaping the field today.

This first title in the timely Rethinking Community Development series presents unique and critical reflections on policy and practice in Taiwan, Australia, India, South Africa, Burundi, Germany, the USA, Ireland, Malawi, Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazonia and the UK. It addresses the global dominance of neoliberalism, and the extent to which practitioners, activists and programmes can challenge, critique, engage with or resist its influence.

Addressing key dilemmas and challenges being navigated by students, academics, professionals and activists, this is a vital intellectual and practical resource.

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Gender Equality Policies in French and British Trade Unions

This book explores the representation of women and their interests in the world of work across four trade unions in France and the UK.

Drawing on case studies of the careers of 100 activists and a longitudinal study of the trade unions' struggle for equal pay in the UK, it unveils the social, organizational, and political conditions that contribute to the reproduction of gender inequalities or, on the contrary, allow the promotion of equality.

Guillaume’s nuanced evaluation is a call to redefine the role of trade unions in the delivering of gender equality, contributing to broader debates on the effectiveness of equality policies and the enforcement of equality legislation.

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Refocusing the Lens After the Millennium Development Goals

Since 2000, countries across Africa have maintained over a decade of unprecedented economic expansion in a phenomena known as ‘Africa rising’. However, despite pockets of strong economic growth, Africa still faces major development challenges.

In this important book the contributors argue that Africa as a continent must work on securing social and political stability and build effective economic governance to ensure the development of a society that is socially, economically and politically inclusive.

Looking beyond the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) the contributors highlight what they consider to be the 12 major public policy conversations of the continent post-2015, from the legacy of African leadership, to the ‘youth bulge’ (and resulting unemployment) and climate change. The volume presents policy makers, academics and students with a chance to take a fresh look at urgent emerging challenges in post-MDG African development.

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This chapter begins the work of dismantling the gender binary. It does so through a popular narrative about gender and leadership that resurfaced during COVID-19, which contrasted the bungled response of populist “strongmen” with the success of governments led by women. Reacting to this narrative in an intentionally emotive way, the chapter both shows how it recycles ‘common sense’ ideas about gender and evokes frustration at the dead ends where ideas like this lead. To get out of these culs-de-sac, we can stop treating ‘men’ and ‘women’ as the given starting point of gender analysis. A better opening question is how apparent men and women come to be, or how they happen in everyday life. The chapter redefines gender as mundane encounters that become real and compelling by continuing to happen.

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on Theresa May and motherhood – read the full transcript , The Independent , 9 May, Lexis Nexis. Cameron , D. ( 2011 ) David Cameron’s conservative party speech in full , The Guardian , 4 October, Campus , D. ( 2013 ) Women political leaders and the media , Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan . Celis , K. and Childs , S. ( 2012 ) The substantive representation of women: what to do with Conservative claims? , Political Studies , 60 : 213 – 25 . doi: 10.1111/j.1467-9248.2011.00904.x Clark , A. ( 2010 ) A life

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next thing she would like to do is build a temple. Due to what she has been able to achieve since becoming a ward member, both her family and her community have more respect for her. However, despite all the positive experiences, because of the embodied nature of cultural capital, constructed based on the masculine vision of the world, which takes time to change, and because of the different rules prevailing in each social sphere, women politicians experience challenges. For instance, Rita, who is a deputy mayor, said: “Women political leaders have a double burden

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primary role is to facilitate learning as a collective social praxis by women. Therefore, in order to support women political leaders in their attempts to take up the responsibilities of public office and to encourage other women who were emerging as citizen leaders, PRIA developed and implemented several initiatives across the country, aimed at the enhancement of women’s leadership. This section briefly describes this alternative methodology to engage women as active political subjects. The first of these initiatives was a wide-scale national campaign – the Pre

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